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(Understanding periods)

PERIODS…..SHHHHH, lower your voice!!!

Isn’t this something all Indian women heard at least ones in their lifetime? And no, we don’t here this from men….but from women itself.

How and why does this happen…not many of us women ever wondered, but instead, we all are programmed to listen, obey and not question the simple… ’Hush’ .

Purchasing sanitary napkins (Pads) for women is almost a heavy task, as they are shameful to go and ask for it from the shops….even more scandalous if a male asks for one (he will definitely get a lot of eyeing from customers in there).

Purchasing Pads should be as easy and stressfree as buying a paracetamol, yet it one major thing women dread purchasing even today in 2023!!

Most of the taboos and myths related to the most normal thing present in the world — Menstruation (or periods as commonly addressed as) emerge due to lack of basic knowledge about what exactly is Period.

Let’s start with understanding what period is.

In layman’s definition — Period/Menstruation ( which usually starts around the age 11–14 in girls) is the regular discharge of blood through the Vagina and is a monthly process and can occur within a gap of 28–30 days (in most cases ; exceptions and medical conditions apart).

Every month, the female body prepares itself incase a pregnancy takes place, and if a pregnancy doesnt take place, that is when menstruation begins.

The blood discharged is nothing but actually the lining present inside the uterus surface which was prepared to support the origin of a new human life.

It is such a natural, wonderful and systematic process, yet heavily subjected to shame, myths, taboos and being called dirty.

Understanding fully what periods is and why it occurs should singelhandely remove a lot of stigma around the term periods and openly talking about it.

But it is surprising how many women themselves are ashamed to talk about it. And it almost always roots from old traditions, beliefs and myths which not many people actively give a thought about pulling down.

Now the question arises, who are the ones not aware of this basic knowledge…, we are not only talking about the rural India or places where people are not fortunate enough to receive the necessary education , but instead, the metro cities of India.

Why does this happen and what do many women think about periods?
Stay tuned for our next blog.

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