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We believe in eradicating Period Poverty, which is why for each box of our exquisite pads you buy, we donate a box to those in need. Be a part of promoting Period Positivity and empowering women everywhere. Discover the difference with Flawsome. Talk to us: @myflawsome_

Did you know that 36 to 43 percent of the 355 million menstruating individuals lacking access to safe menstrual products percentage girls drop out of school This deficiency causes physical, mental, and emotional problems. This is period poverty, a severe problem that millions of individuals worldwide—including those in India—face.

Period poverty is the absence of access to basic amenities for managing menstruation, such as clean water, sanitary products, and private restrooms. This might result from numerous concerns, such as physical discomfort, mental health difficulties, and fewer prospects for employment and education.

Period poverty, to put it simply, is when a person who is menstruating is unable to pay for or obtain the essential supplies and facilities required to control their periods, which has a substantial detrimental influence on their general health, well-being, and quality of life.

Access to menstrual hygiene products and education is a fundamental human right, hence period poverty needs to be addressed. It is critical to understand that having a menstrual cycle is a normal aspect of life and that those who experience it should be treated with respect and dignity. Improving general wellbeing and ending the cycle of poverty are two benefits of addressing period poverty.

Menstrual equity and the fight against period poverty are two of Flawsome's core values. Presenting Utsav, a new brand dedicated to offering women in tier 2 and tier 3 cities reasonably priced menstrual hygiene products. Utsav wants these things to be freely available where they are most needed. The vast majority of Flawsome's earnings are reinvested in Utsav, guaranteeing long-term initiatives to reach as many women and girls as we can, enabling them to confidently and with dignity control their menstruation.

We have launched a podcast called  The Period Talk Understanding Men-setruation, aiming to educate all genders about the natural cycle of menstruation. We believe that breaking the silence and educating everyone—men and women alike—about periods is crucial to eliminating stigma and fostering a supportive environment.
We raise awareness about periods through our social media platforms, promote menstrual health education, and advocate for menstrual equity. Period education is for all genders and strives to create a society where menstruation is not a source of shame but a topic of open conversation and understanding.

Setting up a museum dedicated to menstruation in Delhi, India, is a commendable initiative with several potential positive impacts on society. The museum can break taboos and raise awareness by providing a platform for open discussion and education about menstruation, empowering menstruators through information on menstrual hygiene and resilience, contributing to gender equality by challenging harmful stereotypes, educating visitors about menstrual health, highlighting the historical and cultural context of menstruation, advocating for policy changes, engaging the community through workshops and events, and attracting tourists and researchers interested in understanding menstruation from a cultural and historical perspective, while also facilitating international collaboration and knowledge-sharing.

The disposal of menstrual hygiene products, particularly sanitary pads, poses significant environmental and health challenges. Over 12 billion non-biodegradable pads end up in landfills, sewerage systems, water bodies, and fields each year, creating massive ecological and health risks.
At Flawsome, we are dedicated to addressing this issue through our ongoing research into flushable sanitary pads. Our innovative solution aims to make disposal easier and more discreet, allowing pads to be flushed after use. This advancement not only helps mitigate the environmental impact but also addresses the stigma associated with traditional disposal methods.

Join us in our mission to eradicate period poverty and empower women and girls to live their lives to the fullest, with dignity and confidence. Together, we can significantly impact and create a more equitable world