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Periods: Not Just Monthly, But Mighty. Own Your Flow
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Menstruation 101: Breaking the Silence, Educating Every Gender.
Periods, Poverty, Power: Together, We Can Rewrite the Story
Periods aren't just a 'her'
story, Let's educate,
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 Periods Beyond the Stigma and Shame

Our vision is to revolutionize your period experience with ultra-soft cotton comfort. We’re committed to providing eco-friendly, reliable solutions that keep you feeling fresh, confident, and connected to your natural rhythm.

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No Synthetic Fiber
No Bleach
No Toxins
No Harmful Chemicals
No Fragrance
100% Rashfree
Leak Proof
100% Organic Cotton

Good absorbent

Achieve reliable dryness and confidence with our exceptional absorption for steadfast protection

Airy Fabric

Experience a light and fresh sensation with our breathable airy fabric for ultimate comfort.

No leakage

With exceptional leakage protection, you may enjoy worry-free moments.


Natural comfort with our plant-based sanitary pads, designed for
eco-friendly, safe, and gentle menstrual care

Rash Free

Gentle care every month with our rash-free sanitary pads, crafted for your comfort and well-being

Odour Free

Stay fresh and confident all day with our odor-free sanitary pads, ensuring discreet and comfortable menstrual care

Our Story

The first Period drop is a new Beginning

This time, Flawsome breaks barriers, offering inclusive and eco-friendly period care with soft pads and panty-liners for women. Join us to celebrate diversity, promote open conversations, and ensure universal period access.


Our Flawsome logo features a bold, free-spirited ‘Free Girl’ with open arms, symbolizing empowerment and inclusivity. Below, a graceful bird feather represents lightness and liberation, highlighting the idea that periods should never be burdensome. The logo’s vibrant colors reinforce our commitment to inclusive period care.


Trusted by the sceptics

Flawsome day pads make me feel confident and comfortable all day long. No more worries about leaks or discomfort!

Switching to Flawsome night pads was a game-changer! I can sleep peacefully without leaks or stains. Highly recommend!

Flawsome pantyliner keep me feeling fresh and protected all day. They're so comfortable, I forget I'm wearing them!

Since using Flawsome, I feel more confident and at ease during my period. The pads are super absorbent and comfortable.

Flawsome pads are made with airy fabric that provides superior breathability and comfort, keeping you feeling fresh

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Yes, sanitary pads from recognized companies are supposed to be safe. They are subjected to extensive testing to verify that they are free of dangerous components and are suitable for use during menstruation.

It is suggested that you change your sanitary pad every 4-6 hours or sooner if it feels full. Regular change decreases discomfort and the chance of infection.

Absolutely! Many sanitary pads are designed for various flow rates. For heavy flow days, choose pads with a higher absorbency to guarantee optimal protection.

Yes, there are several sizes of sanitary pads to fit varied preferences and flow levels. Sizes such as regular, overnight, and pantyliner are widely available.

There are specifically made nighttime pads with additional absorbency to give protection throughout the night. It is critical to select the proper size for your comfort.

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