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Many people avoid or feel awkward talking about having sex when they’re on their period. But
let’s face it, intimacy doesn’t have to suffer once a month—periods are a normal part of life. In
fact, for some, now is the ideal moment to embrace a new form of relationship with their
significant other. Let’s explore benefits, dispel myths, and add a dash of humor to make this
fascinating read as we delve into the realm of period sex.

Breaking the Taboo

Let’s start by addressing the big issue at hand: many people still view period sex as taboo.
However, why should that be the case? Since getting your period i s a normal process, having an
intimate relationship with your lover shouldn’t be any more frowned upon than going out to see a
movie together. Who says romance has to be put on the sidelines because it’s that time of the
month, after all?

The Benefits of Period Sex

It may surprise you to hear that having sex while on your period has a number of advantages.
Firstly, it has the potential to alleviate menstruation cramps. You did really read correctly!
Natural painkillers called endorphins are released during orgasms. Therefore, think of period sex
as a romantic and enjoyable substitute for your regular painkillers.

Think of period sex as a way to “go with the flow” in your relationship. Or consider it an
opportunity to “paint the town red” in a whole new way.

An additional advantage is the possibility of a shorter duration. Your period may shorter as a
result of the faster menstrual blood expulsion caused by the spasms of your muscles during an
orgasm. Not to be overlooked are the positive effects of sex on mood. Hormonal changes during
menstruation can cause you to feel a little more emotional, but there’s no better way to balance
that than receiving some tender care from your partner.

Myths and Misconceptions

While we’re about it, let’s debunk a few myths. Period sex is often associated with mess and
unclean practices. Although it can be a little messier than usual, this can be avoided with enough
planning. Use dark-colored bedding, always have a towel available, and consider taking a shower
to make things steamy and keep everything tidy.

That having sex during your period raises your chance of infection is another misconception.
Although maintaining proper hygiene is crucial, there isn’t a noticeably increased danger
compared to other periods. Just remember always to wear protection to protect yourself against
diseases and unintended pregnancies.
Yes, you can get pregnent during pregnancy. Don’t forget to use contraceptives.

Embracing Comfort and Communication

Good communication is essential for period sex to be fun. Discuss your comfort levels and any
worries you may have with your partner. Recall that mutual comfort and consent are crucial. You
are under no need to participate if you are not feeling it. There are lots of additional opportunities
for close connection at this moment.If you decide to give it a shot, period-friendly devices like menstruation cups or discs can help

reduce the mess. Remember the significance of lubrication as well. Natural lubrication might be
affected by hormonal changes, so having some on hand can improve comfort.
And never forget that the most crucial thing is to respect each other’s comfort and boundaries,
regardless of whether you choose to jump right in or take it slow

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